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Japanese Incense


Each incense is carefully made using the Kaoru incense manufacturing technology that has been passed down for over 400 years. The incense, which is made by kneading the rough powder of hinoki, hiba, and camphor trees and is finished naturally without using dyes. A well-balanced and sophisticated incense woven from the natural oil of Waki ​​and carefully selected incense ingredients. Available in three scents, sold individually.

Contains 40 sticks and incense stand.

Hinoki: Cypress oil from Mie prefecture, geranium and iris to emphasize, sandalwood for depth

Hiba: Hiba oil from Aomori prefecture, tonka beans to emphasize sweetness, pine needles and tea trees for freshness

Kusunoki: Camphor oil from Yakushimam, bergamot, orange, and grapefruit for freshness

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About the Designer


KITOWA was born in 2018 as Japan's first Maison fragrance that combines traditional Waki ​​natural oil with perfume-level fragrance. Hinoki, hiba, and camphor trees used in KITOWA have been widely used in buildings since ancient times due to their excellent durability, and their dignified presence and fragrance full of peace have deeply rooted in Japanese lives. In addition these trees were unfamiliar to people outside of Japan because they are rarely distributed in other countries. Combined with an exotic rich fragrance, it is a bold, innovative and unique unlike any other in the world. Shop all Kitowa

Buyer Notes

We're thrilled to introduce this new line of Japanese home fragrance. Meticulously crafted to offer the most luxurious scents for your home.

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