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Cinnamon Projects



25 Japanese Style Sticks packaged in a glass tube in paper foil-stamped gift box.

4.75 inch sticks, 25 minute burn time. 

One for each time of the day:

12AM: Amber, clove, lavender, oakmoss 

2AM: Cedarwood, cinnamon, honey, vetiver 

7AM: Black tea, clay, driftwood, marigold

4PM: Iris, juniper, mandarin

8PM: Carnation, leather, mahogany, tobacco 

Also available as a variety pack including all scents (50 sticks).

Email me when available

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About the Designer

Cinnamon Projects

Cinnamon Projects is a creative agency formed by Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse. Degrees in architecture, graphic design, photography and sculpture and retail experience have allowed them to hone skills and define a diverse skillset and a distinct perspective. Shop all Cinnamon Projects

Buyer Notes

These are our favorite incense. They smell incredible and extremely luxurious!

Fabiana + Helena