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The Lint Roller


The most fun way to pick up loose strands, specs, and fuzzies - also displays nicely while waiting for its next task. The roller component is sticky rubber that picks up unwanted items with ease. Simply rinse the roller under hot water and it can be re-used effectively dozens of times.

 9.8" H 

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About the Designer


Staff is a home essentials brand all about color and character. Born from a desire to pep up living spaces, create delightful moments out of the mundane, and add amusement to everyday chores, Staff is here to happily do your dirty work.
Inspired by his entrepreneur father and his plumber grandfather, Staff's Founder, Charlie Weisman, released the first Staff product, a reimagined plunger
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Buyer Notes

The cutest lint roller. Plus it's reusable!

Fabiana + Helena