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Fredericks and Mae

Horsehair Tassel


Carefully hand strung tassel made of natural horse hair. Historically used to ward off evil spirits, in the middle east tassels worn by children to protect them from malevolent spirits-- but also just a chic accessory on a wall. 

14" H x 3" W x 2" D

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About the Designer

Fredericks and Mae

Fredericks & Mae is the art/design team of Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen. The two met through a shared love for materials - Fredericks & Mae started in the piles of feathers, thread, gold and paper that decorated their first studio in 2007. Their collaborative practice has since evolved into a series of objects for the home, garden and sky.  Shop all Fredericks and Mae

Buyer Notes

We would live happily in Fredericks and Mae's brain - they are incredibly original and make things from the heart. We love them and everything they do. Also, we're super superstitious, so you know we have tassels hung everywhere. 

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