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Dominique Ostuni

Pleasure Pot Mug


Pleasure Pots by Dominique Ostuni. Each pot is hand pinched in translucent porcelain and adorned with illustrative designs and phrases. Mugs are selected at random, each piece is uniquely and thoughtfully designed. Please indicate any preferences at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate when possible.

Cone 6, Porcelain, Gold Luster, Underglaze Pencil, Underglaze, Glaze

Food safe and dishwasher safe. Not suitable for use in microwave.

Approx. 14oz-16oz capacity

Email me when available

ceramic cup drinking handmade mug

About the Designer

Dominique Ostuni

"Each pot comes with a story, with pleasure in mind. We like to call them functional prose. A pot about the warmth of enjoying Black Forest Gâteau with a loved one, my first stroll through the fish market on San Francesca Di Ripa, enjoying Sauternes with my mother before I head back to New England, the way the postman handles my packages as gently as a lover." Shop all Dominique Ostuni

Buyer Notes

We love the story these ceramics tell, each unique and exciting.


Fabiana + Helena