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Plastic Watering Can


Plastic watering cans or jugs perfect for keeping your plants hydrated. A familiar yet charming form with the functionality and usefulness of watering can. Available in two sizes/colors, sold individually.

2L Green: 8.5" H x 5.9" W  x 4.1" D

4L Red: 10.6" H x 6x9" W x 5.3" D

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can container jug plants plastic watering

About the Designer


PUEBCO was born in Japan 2007 by the simply notion creating things instinctively, using found and recycled materials to curate renewed lifestyle items. PUEBCO believes that just as people are the sum of their lived experiences, the objects we share our homes with should carry that same sense of history and weight. By using recycled materials and hand made processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes, and a sense of history that makes each piece unique. With Puebco products, there are no imperfections.  These imperfections are details that are meant to be there by design. Shop all Puebco

Buyer Notes

These plastic watering cans are useful, classic, and so much fun!

Fabiana + Helena