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Pebble Match Strike


Looks like two stones stacked on top of one another, but is actually a match striker, a match holder, and an ashtray. Made of incredibly sturdy cast iron and almost unreasonably heavy (5.5 lbs). Leather base with embossed Houseplant logo. Accumulates strike marks that are normal and add character to the piece, markings can be removed in preferred by rubbing a touch of olive oil onto the surface. Requires strike-anywhere matches, not included.

About the size of a softball.

Only 5 left! Email me when available

candles and scents cast iron impress living match striker scenting striker

About the Designer


The story of Houseplant starts with our founders, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg. Their work has helped bring cannabis to the forefront of culture, while their success has helped de-stigmatize outdated notions about the plant. With Houseplant, Seth and Evan are able to share their passion for best-in-class cannabis—and the lifestyle that goes with it—with everyone. Their love of cannabis coincides with a deep connection to nostalgia, particular 1970s and 80s aesthetic principles.

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Buyer Notes

The sleekest object with a hidden compartment that's super functional!

Fabiana + Helena