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​Established 11.12.13

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Express how someone makes you feel with these new set of 4 notecards. Each card has a different cut out shape and comes with a large variety of stickers to choose from so you can create your own card. Also included 4 different color envelopes. Check them out here for more! 

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About the Designer


Brianne (Bri), an artist, and Liran (Li), a graphic designer, formed Bri & Li so they could collaborate with strangers. Their first project "feelings", gives everyone the opportunity to communicate emotions using color, shape and texture instead of words. Bri and Li's studio is based in Chinatown, NY. Shop all Bri&Li

Buyer Notes

Bri and Li are dear friends of ours and we are so thrilled to have such a passionate, fun and creative product at the store. 

Fabiana + Helena