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Master Shin's Anvil

Kitchen Knives


High quality kitchen knives crafted from strong steel utilized for railroad tracks. Master Shin’s uses an X banding technique “dang ghi” around the wood handle without burning the wood, one of his many trademarks. In Korea the X mark was reserved traditionally for high quality knives, so as to distinguish them from lesser quality iron rich steel. Blades are stamped with his mark, the #60 referring to his heritage status. Available in 3 varieties, sold individually.

Handle: chestnut or oak wood, shade-dried for years to achieve the correct weight, stability and water resistance. 

Blade: made from the strong steel used for railroad tracks. Does not need to be sharpened for 2-3 years.

Small Kitchen Knife: 5.1" L Blade, perfect for slicing fruit or trimming meat

Medium Kitchen Knife: 6.5" L Blade, can be used through an entire recipe from slicing garlic to chopping through root vegetables

Bread Knife: 9.25" L Blade, non-serrated and can cut through soft or crusty bread with ease

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About the Designer

Master Shin's Anvil

Master Shin makes roughly 300+ different designs of knives and farm tools. He uses railroad track, repurposing the carbon steel which is rich is manganese and can be heated to a very high temperature. This steel is hardened, wear-resistant and good for cutting. The handles are made of chestnut, slowly dried in sunlight for years so it is lightweight, strong and rot-resistant.

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Buyer Notes

We're in love with the quality and feel of these knives, they're truly incomparable. 

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