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​Established 11.12.13

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Mosser Glass

Jadeite Milk Glass Mixing Bowl Set (of 3)


Set of three pink milk glass mixing bowls. Also available in Jadeite green glass. 

Small: 3.25" H  x 5.75" D,  20oz

Medium: 3.75" H x 7.25" D, 40oz

Large: 4.25" H x 8.75" D, 65oz

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About the Designer

Mosser Glass

Family owned and operated Mosser Glass is proud to have been creating a variety of American-made products since the 1950s. They are based in Ohio. 

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Buyer Notes

We always wanted to have Jadeite pieces and thought you could only find vintage pieces. And then we discovered that Mosser never stopped making them since the 50s!

Fabiana + Helena