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​Established 11.12.13

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Closed Mondays

Hanging Planters


Available in four color combinations and two sizes. 

The basket hangs 2 feet from the hook.

Small: 6" in diameter x 5" Tall

Large: 8" in diameter x 6" Tall

* Care instructions: Use a pot with no drainage holes, or add a tray to catch water so the bottom doesn't get wet. Spot clean with a dry toothbrush. Vacum the dirt away, if still not clean, gently hand wash with cold water. Air dry and make sure it's completely dry to prevent mold. 

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About the Designer

Closed Mondays

Is a textile brand currently making baskets and bags out of rope and thread. We are here to give fair wages to our producers and spread the word about ethical manufacturing. Every item is made with love in our studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

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Buyer Notes


When space is tight, but you want to live in a jungle, hanging plants are the way to go. We put a modern spin on the macramé-style hanging planters and made these colorful rope planters.

Fabiana + Helena