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​Established 11.12.13

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Francois Monnet

Chrome + Glass Coffee Table


Chrome steel + tinted glass coffee table, designed by Francois Monnet, French c. 1970s. 

45.25"W x 12"H x 22"D

#aquarius #glass #metal #table

About the Designer

Francois Monnet

Francois Monnet is a French furniture designer who designed for Kappa. He was active during the 1960s and 70s and is known for using primarily steel and glass. Shop all Francois Monnet

Buyer Notes

This is an iconic piece of Francois Monnet. The majority of his work is made from this bendable stainless steel that gives an almost light quality to all his work. The tension he creates with the heavy glass being held in place by these thin pieces of steel is what makes this piece exceptional and super chic.


Fabiana + Helena