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​Established 11.12.13

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Concrete Cat

Concrete Hex Coasters


Hexagonal coasters made of marbled concrete that tesselate beautifully. Made by Concrete Cat. Sold in sets of 2 or 4.

3.375”L x 3.875”W x 0.5”H.

#concrete #eating + drinking #multicolor #sagittarius #virgo

About the Designer

Concrete Cat

Concrete cat is a Canadian atelier. They explore the use of concrete with a focus on color, pattern and form. Concrete cat produces objet d’art, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements.

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Buyer Notes

We admired Concrete Cat’s designs for a long time and are happy to say we now call them friends. One of our favorite things about them is that they don’t tell you how to use their designs. These coasters were originally tile samples and we thought they made amazing coasters, but we’ve also used them for burning sage and incense cones.

Fabiana + Helena