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​Established 11.12.13

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Ceramic Teapot


Made of high quality ceramic, painted and glazed with enamel, this teapot is a beautiful combination of industrial production and hand finishing. The shape is classic in style with a contemporary twist.

6.3" H x 5.1" W Base

1.25 Ltr 

Email me when available

#eating + drinking #gift #grey

About the Designer


As Design Director, Anouk Jansen is in charge of the Jansen+co products, from the design and development to the final look and content of the complete collection. With over 15 years experience within the design industry, Anouk is respected as a leader in the field, both as a facilitator of creative minds and production partners, and as a designer in her own right. Anouk draws her inspiration from life. Shop all Jansen

Buyer Notes

The colors were the first thing that drew us to this piece and then realized what a great gift this collection will make specially paired with their mugs and sugar containers. 

Fabiana + Helena