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Simone Bodmer-Turner

Bridge Handled Vessel


This vessel was designed with inspiration from the bulbous belly and connecting arch that is commonly found in Pre-Columbian and Etruscan water vessels to act as a handle for easy carrying. Cast white stoneware, matte warm white glaze with slight crackle to surface. 

20.5" H x 10 x 3.5" D

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ceramic handmade vase

About the Designer

Simone Bodmer-Turner

After spending several years developing a personal practice and traveling to work with clay communities in Japan and Oaxaca, Simone founded the studio with the inception of the permanent collection in 2018, which allowed her to move into working in the studio full time. The permanent collection was designed to be a timeless, complimentary group of curvy ceramic forms, emphasizing the power of negative space, and heavily influenced by the bridged, multi-necked forms of Meso-American stirrup vessels.  Shop all Simone Bodmer-Turner

Buyer Notes

We're thrilled to be carrying these vessels by Simone Bodmer-Turner. Her forms are elegant and functional and would be beautiful sculptures without or without flowers.

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