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3rd Ritual

BEL Meditative Candle


The BEL uses fire, gravity, and sound to measure time. When the candle is lit, wax melts and eventually a pin falls, landing with a resonant ding—a beautiful way to end your meditation. Includes: handmade brass candleholder, 3 hand-dipped coconut candles infused with essential oils, 3 solid brass pins, and matches.

6" Candles have a 60 minute burn time.

#brass #candle #meditation

About the Designer

3rd Ritual

Shaped by taoist, yogic, and design philosophies, 3rd Ritual created mindful objects that creating meaningful moments. Founder, Jenn Tardif, created 3rd Ritual as a result of teaching yoga for years, then ritual-based workshops that included her own special recipes. Shop all 3rd Ritual

Buyer Notes

A perfect thoughtful gift that aids meditation and mindfulness. 

Fabiana + Helena

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